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How our system works

We do things differently, and that is a good thing.  Our business model allows us to provide all members with goal-specific programing and direct access to incredible coaches every day.  All at an affordable rate. 

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Training and fitness programs available at steelhouse fitness

Our fitness programs

From beginner to advanced, fat-loss to muscle-gain and everything in between; we've got you covered.  Everyone doesn't have the same goals, so what sense does it make for everyone to be doing the same workout?  Take a look at the training programs we offer and choose the one that is right for you. 

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Find a Steelhouse Location

Steelhouse is currently serving Miami though our original location in West Kendall and our brand new Homestead facility.  Please click to get directions, contact information and available promotions for each location.  

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No more guessing, researching or head spinning. Steelhouse will handle all of your programming and workout design, based on the most recent science and experience. You just have to do it.
Each day, you will have experienced coaches explaining the workouts, teaching you proper form and answering all of your questions. Just like personal training, but without the massive price tag.
Simply put, your goal in unattainable without the proper nutrition. We provide all members with detailed nutrition plans, based upon your specific goals and program.

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