“Simply put, we set out to revolutionize the fitness industry.”

In 2008, Lucas G. Irwin and his wife, Soolmaz Hosseini, launched Steelhouse Fitness Miami, Inc. Steelhouse started as a personal training facility but 1-on-1 training proved to be a luxury beyond the means of most individuals during such a difficult economic time. Surrounding gyms and training centers were vanishing from the landscape quickly and the owners knew that changes needed to be made if Steelhouse was going to survive. However, survival wasn’t good enough; the owners of Steelhouse were hardest on finding a way to thrive, despite the economic state.

The goal was simple; find a way to offer virtually all of the services that a client would receive through individual training, but at a rate that is affordable and sustainable. What emerged was a new kind of training facility; a facility where every member was on a detailed exercise and nutrition program that fit their personal goals. Additionally, the floor of Steelhouse would always be staffed with qualified trainers to explain, demonstrate, correct and motivate. Steelhouse developed programs for every goal and every activity level to ensure that members were not only on a program that fit their goals, but also accommodated their current level of fitness and experience. This was not the typical 1 size fits all program or class.

The new program caught on fast! For less than the price of 2 personal training sessions, members could workout up to 5 days per week, be told exactly what to do, what to eat and have someone there to make sure they were doing it right. Of course, this program was not a gimmick-based promise; the programs were all founded in doing things right and drew upon the owner’s expertise, experience and knowledge. Essentially, it was the perfect facility for anyone who was willing to put in the work, but just needed someone to guide them down the correct path.

This training model has since been coined The Faction Model and we fully expect this to change the fitness industry as a whole.