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Personalized Fitness, Nutrition & Instruction for All of Your Members


legend fitness squat rackA Fitness Facility That Actually Provides Guidance

At Steelhouse, we have the audacity to believe that one-size-fits-all is unacceptable when it comes to fitness. As a franchisee, you can provide every one of your clients with a true personal fitness plan for a price that nobody can come close to. You’ll be providing every member with a goal-specific training program, personalized nutrition from a registered dietitian and detailed instruction. This is simply not available from any other fitness franchise and can typically only be attained through expensive personal training. Steelhouse has changed the fitness model and your members will love you for it.

You Will Never Have to Design a Workout or Diet

Steelhouse headquarters handles all of that for you, allowing you to focus on running your facility. Every one of your members will have an online/mobile account that delivers all of their workouts, nutrition details and instructional videos; all of which are updated and adjusted by Steelhouse headquarters. Your facility will also be outfitted with touch-screen monitors and mobile tablets that display the current training routines for each of the different exercise programs. You and/or your employees will serve as fitness instructors who simply need to monitor your members by guiding them through their program, making sure they are executing the exercises properly and providing instruction and demonstration to those who need it. We will handle the tedious training and nutrition design, you can focus on demonstration and client satisfaction.

Real Training, No Shortcuts

At Steelhouse Fitness, we didn’t achieve our current level of success and membership by providing typical cookie-cutter workouts. No, we provide exercise programs that are based on time-tested principals and proven to deliver results. Most fitness franchises and workout programs carry the unfortunate belief that keeping their clients comfortable will make them happy. Our training philosophy is based upon the idea that nothing will make our clients happier than results, regardless of how hard we make them work along the way. We do offer a number of different levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, to be sure your clients are working within their current ability and avoiding injury as they continue to advance and make progress. We challenge the client within their current capacity.

Low Overhead and Low Maintenance

Unlike a typical fitness center, your Steelhouse facility will carry an overhead that is far less than what is typically seen in the fitness industry. Because we do not use treadmills, stair masters or other pieces of electrical cardiovascular equipment, your monthly electric bill will be surprisingly low. By design, we are going to help you find a location that is not only ideal for our training style, but easy on your wallet. Additionally, your facility will be equipped with customized equipment from Legend Fitness; the best equipment that money can buy. It is heavy duty and built to last, so you don’t need to spend your valuable time fixing equipment or buying replacement items. With your heavy-duty Legend Fitness equipment and lack of high maintenance electrical cardio equipment, your facility is easily maintained with basic cleaning and upkeep.

Fantastic Franchisee Support and Guidance

You looked into franchising because you wanted a proven business model with a team that can guide you every step of the way. Well, Steelhouse Franchising delivers a level of support and guidance that will blow you away and do more than simply show you how to open a gym. Our team was designed to ensure that we had an expert heading every aspect of our business and helping to ensure your success. Hossein Kasmai was brought on board because of his vast experience and success in the world of franchising. With his help, Steelhouse can bring you the kind of training and guidance that is necessary to succeed in fitness franchising. Paired with the exercise, fitness and nutrition knowledge of the Steelhouse founders and management team, you will have an incredibly powerful army of support with you from planning, to launch and beyond. You are part of the Steelhouse family.

We would love the opportunity to give you more details about our incredible fitness franchising model and personal fitness system. Please fill out the request form below and let us show you how to open a gym and get you started in a truly enjoyable and rewarding career.


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