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Unlike any other franchise or online personal training program, every individual that is in the same fitness program as you will be completing the same exercise routine in the current month. Steelhouse Fitness Miami is where everything started, developed and matured into the program that everyone is demanding. So why would we let anything change as we expand? Every Steelhouse location and online fitness member move forward and progress as a team and every single routine is developed at Steelhouse Miami.  This not only keeps everyone on the same page, but ensures the highest level of quality control and consistency.

As obvious as this sounds, this is not common practice. Many popular training facilities allow individual owners to come up with their own daily workouts; completely eliminating any form of quality control or cohesive structure. In the online exercise world, most programs will simply start you off on a generic, pre-structured and linear program upon signing up. Ignoring the fact that these programs are typically insufficient, there is no sense of belonging or relevant community in this method. This is where Steelhouse GFS has found an incredible opportunity to create a social networking capability that is actually beneficial and relevant to the member.

For example, if you are in PHASE3, you will be doing the same routine and workouts as every other PHASE3 member in your gym, in another gym and online.  Additionally, your training is not pre-determined ahead of time.  We sit and design your training routine fresh every month; allowing us to incorporate anything new that we may have learned and adjust based on user feedback.  There is nothing like this anywhere!

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