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Promote Real Fitness & Nutrition, Not Shakes and Pills

The Steelhouse online training and nutrition platform is available to anyone with internet access, via their computer or mobile phone. The Steelhouse online fitness program provides every subscriber with their exercise program, exercise instruction and diet & nutrition. It is the perfect solution for anyone with a gym membership that needs guidance, but simply cannot afford expensive personal training. As a home based marketer, your job is simple; promote and sell memberships to the Steelhouse Online personal fitness program. Every month you will receive a large percentage of every paid membership you generate.  Lets take a closer look at the simple process.


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[fx_title size=’normal’ title=’STEP 1: Get Your Unique Promo Code’ titlecolor=’#222222′ subtitle=’As a home-based marketer, you will have your own unique promotion code that gives a 10% discount to anyone who uses it online. This code will be clear and present on all of your marketing materials and posts.’ subtitlecolor=’#7c7c7c’ alignment=’left’ margintop=’0px’ marginbottom=’40px’]

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[fx_title size=’normal’ title=’STEP 2: Launch Your Marketing Campaign’ titlecolor=’#222222′ subtitle=’Distribute marketing materials, social media campaigns an more, using your unique code. As a home-based franchisee, you have the freedom to utilize your creativity and connections however you please. You will also have full access to  amazing re-designed materials.’ subtitlecolor=’#7c7c7c’ alignment=’left’ margintop=’0px’ marginbottom=’40px’]

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[fx_title size=’normal’ title=’STEP 3: Collect your Money!’ titlecolor=’#222222′ subtitle=’At the end of every month, you will be sent a check for 50% of all completed sales that used your code.  Therefore, if online training costs $99 per year and your code gives a 10% discount, you will receive $44.55 for every person that uses your unique code!  Easy concept, huge commissions, no equipment or mandatory purchases…. Beat that!’ subtitlecolor=’#7c7c7c’ alignment=’left’ margintop=’0px’ marginbottom=’40px’]


Complete Franchisee Support

No need to worry about designing promotional and marketing material, our design team will handle that for you. We have created a franchise model that really allows you to focus on selling and building your client list and not wasting time with other tasks. Your manual will provide you with promotional ideas and strategies, as well as general business practices to be sure you are operating efficiently. Because you know your territory better than us and may have unique relationships with potential, we are always open to hearing your ideas and helping you make them a success.

Think Big. Real Big

Chances are, your’e the big picture type. Fortunately, this low cost business is perfect for that kind of thinking. Obviously you can build a very respectable client list by targeting individuals; which should absolutely be part of your plan. However, brokering deals with corporations, large businesses and organizations is where this franchise model really begins to pay off. Corporate wellness is a justifiably hot topic, but many companies have no real means of implementing the training and guidance necessary to make it work. The Steelhouse online training platform is an ideal tool for large-scale and easy-to-implement programs. These kinds of deals present the possibility of adding 100s or 1000s of clients to your list with just 1 deal.

Viral Growth Through Quality and Results

People love to share things that work with their friends and family. You will be representing a quality service that your clients will be proud to share with the people in their lives. Essentially, your client list is also serving as a sales team; helping your business expand and your income grow. That is the beauty of representing a brand and service that delivers real results and is grounded in quality and integrity.

Fantastic Franchisee Support and Guidance

You looked into franchising because you wanted a proven business model with a team that can guide you every step of the way. Well, Steelhouse Franchising delivers a level of support and guidance that will blow you away and do more than simply show you how to open a gym. Our team was designed to ensure that we had an expert heading every aspect of our business and helping to ensure your success. Hossein Kasmai was brought on board because of his vast experience and success in the world of franchising. With his help, Steelhouse can bring you the kind of training and guidance that is necessary to succeed in fitness franchising with a low cost business. Paired with the exercise, fitness and nutrition knowledge of the Steelhouse founders and management team, you will have an incredibly powerful army of support with you from the start. You are part of the Steelhouse family.


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