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Our services keep going up...our prices keep going down.

It has always been our primary objective to keep dropping our monthly rates while continuing to add and improve our services.  With these new $75 for life options, we have really separated ourselves from every other facility in South Florida.  Having access to fitness professionals and getting legitimate, hands-on coaching shouldn't have to cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.  While our standard options are already the lowest training rates available, the $75 for life options have truly made working with highly-qualified coaches a long-term service that you can make part of your lifestyle.  

Stay with us.... stay at $75

This may be obvious, but we like to make things as clear as possible.  Regardless of which option you choose, you must remain an active member to maintain your $75 monthly rate.  If you do choose to leave or take time off and return later on, you must re-start the process.  In short, we will give you a ridiculously low price as long as you maintain your membership.  

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