Amazing results require an amazing challenge.

phase 3 advanced fitness and fat loss

Primary Training Goals:

Fat Loss & Conditioning

Secondary Training Goals:

Strength & Muscle Development


Intermediate to Advanced

Customized Nutrition Plan:

Balanced & Healthy Fat Loss

advanced fitness program

PHASE 3 Description

Phase 3 is a seriously challenging and intense training program designed to burn fat and get you in absolutely incredible shape and condition. Combining the fundamentals of powerlifting, bodybuilding, athletic development and high-intensity cardiorespiratory development, Phase 3 delivers truly balanced development.  The majority of your daily workouts are divided into 3 distinct phases.


the 3 phases of phase3 training

Phase 1: Primary and Power Movements (15-20 Minutes)

Your workouts will virtually always start with barbell compound movements like the squat, deadlift, bench press and strict overhead press. PHASE3 uses progressive overload, TRAC, Auto-regulated Progressive Resistance and other methods of strength development to help develop your primary movements.  Phase 1 will typically contain one additional staple movement like chin ups, glue-ham raise, or Romanian deadlifts as well.  Phase 1 is all about strength and maximum resistance.

Phase 2: Resistance based Circuit Training / Giant Set (10-20 Minutes)

The real fat-burning takes part here.  Phase 2 is a non-stop combination of dumbbell exercise, plyometric movements, core training and whatever else we want to incorporate to truly push you to your limit.  The majority of your giant-sets will train your entire body and shift the workload to different muscle groups so you can keep your heartbeat up without having to slow down or stop due to individual muscle fatigue or failure.  You will almost certainly want to stop and go home once you are done here…. but you aren’t done yet!

Phase 3: High-Intensity Finisher (10-15 Minutes)

It’s time to finish you off!  Most workouts will finish with some additional cardiovascular and/or core training.  It is in Phase 3 that we typically incorporate sprint intervals, prowler pushing, sled dragging, abdominal circuits and more.

This specific combination of training helps ensure that you not only burn a tremendous amount of body fat, but continue to increase overall strength and build lean muscle mass.  These are not random “WODs”; your training program is designed to build upon what you did the month before and prepare you for the upcoming month. This is the same program we use to help collegiate and professional athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons, fights, races and events.


In addition to your training program, you will also be provided a customized nutrition plan that has been developed by a registered dietitian.  Your nutrition plan is a well-balanced combination of macro and micro-nutrients and does not incorporate and drastic reductions of fats, carbohydrates or protein.  All Steelhouse nutrition plans are designed to be sustainable by providing variety and refusing to incorporate any fads or illegitimate methodologies.  Our goal is not only for you to see results now, but maintain your results and continue to see improvements in your appearance and overall health for years to come.



phase 3 legitimate fat loss program