Real training and nutrition for a healthier life.

level balanced fitness and nutrition program


Primary Training Goals:

Fat Loss & General Health

Secondary Training Goals:

Strength & Muscle Development



Customized Nutrition Plan:

Balanced & Healthy Fat Loss


best exercise program for weight loss


LEVEL is a truly balanced program, designed to help you improve your body composition (decrease fat & increase lean muscle), improve strength, develop cardiovascular health, improve your overall health, daily energy and well-being.  This program incorporates intermediate dumbbell, cable and body weight exercises and movements and does not incorporate many of the more complex and/or technique-heavy exercises found in our PHASE3 program.  However, this is no walk in the park either!  LEVEL delivers a challenging combination of strength development, circuit training and low-impact cardio.


In addition to your training program, you will also be provided a customized nutrition plan that has been developed by a registered dietitian.  Your nutrition plan is a well-balanced combination of macro and micro-nutrients and does not incorporate and drastic reductions of fats, carbohydrates or protein.  All Steelhouse nutrition plans are designed to be sustainable by providing variety and refusing to incorporate any fads or illegitimate methodologies.  Our goal is not only for you to see results now, but maintain your results and continue to see improvements in your appearance and overall health for years to come.

Primary Equipment Used:


dumbbells cable stack and adjustable bench



level fat loss exercise and nutrition program