Keep it simple. Hit it hard. Go home.

Cowboy Fitness program

Primary Training Goal:

Balanced Strength and Mass

Secondary Training Goal:



Intermediate to Advanced

Customized Nutrition Plan:

Build & Recover

Lucas Irwin CEO Steelhouse Fitness Miami

Cowboy Description

Cowboy was designed to accommodate individuals who need to get in and out of the gym a bit faster.  Cowboy addresses this desire by only focusing on the exercises that provide the most band-for-your-buck, like squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, dips, etc…  While you only complete a few exercises per day, you will hit them HARD!


Steelhouse Personal Trainer doing curls



Your training will consist of two different types of days; weight-training and cardio.  There are 4 weight training days per week, each of which contain 4 different exercises.  Every aspect of your weight training is calculated and timed to ensure your pace and intensity are optimized and will typically be finished within 40 minutes.  Your training will also consist of two cardio-focused days.  These workouts can be complete at Steelhouse or at your home and will only take 20 minutes.  All cardio workouts are very high-intensity, short-duration circuits or challenges.


Your nutrition plan is designed by a registered dietitian to help ensure repair and recovery.  Using the appropriate amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates and total calories, your customized nutrition plan will help ensure that your muscles repair, your body recovers and your energy levels are restored before your next training session.  Most training programs fail to provide any kind of nutritional guidance, Cowboy provides a customized and detailed plan to help you reach new levels of strength and size!