HYPERMASS: Muscle Building Program

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Primary Training Goals: Muscular Development


Secondary Training Goals: Strength


Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced


Customized Nutrition Plan: Mass & Recovery


Available Splits: 4 DAY, 5 DAY



NEED: Olypmic Barbell and Weights, Dumbbells, Bench, Cable Stack




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muscle building program


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Hypermass is 100% dedicated to size and mass!  Using time-test and scientifically-backed training methodologies and techniques, each workout is designed to truly break-down and stimulate growth within the days targeted muscle groups.  Hypertrophy via the proper stimulation and intensity, paired with the appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and overall calories are essential and far too many muscle building programs drift too far away from the ultimate goal.  Hypermass keeps your training and nutrition focused on your primary objective….. building muscle!


The Hypermass nutrition protocol is designed by a registered dietitian to ensure that your body gets the appropriate volume of macro and micro-nutrients to maximize your growth and recovery.  Like all Steelhouse nutrition plans, the Hypermass muscle-building diet is well-balanced, healthy and contains variety.  This is not a pre-contest or bodybuilding show cutting diet and does not incorporate and fads or illegitimate methods; this mass building nutrition plan is designed to deliver healthy results for long periods of time.

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muscle and mass development training



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