Because the weight on the bar matters.

xanthus powerbuilder program

Primary Training Goal:

Strength & Power

Secondary Training Goal:

Mass & Size


Intermediate to Advanced

Customized Nutrition Plan:

Build & Recover

loaded barbell squat rack

Xanthus Description

Xanthus is a powerful and calculated combination of raw powerlifting and bodybuilding.  While the emphasis of Xanthus is placed on the development of increasing maximum strength, traditional bodybuilding exercises are still incorporated into every workout for physique development and increase muscle mass.


powerbuilder workout program



All your training will emphasize the development of the squat, deadlift, bench press and strict overhear press.  Utilizing methods like periodization, progressive overload, auto-regulated progressive resistance and TRAC, you will see the iron on the bar continue to increase.  After your primary and assistance movements, your workout will incorporate a couple hypertrophy-focused exercises to help develop and further build the individual muscle groups.


Your nutrition plan is designed by a registered dietitian to help ensure repair and recovery.  Using the appropriate amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates and total calories, your customized nutrition plan will help ensure that your muscles repair, your body recovers and your energy levels are restored before your next training session.  Most training programs fail to provide any kind of nutritional guidance, Xanthus provides a customized and detailed plan to help you reach new levels of strength and size!


xanthus powerbuilding workout