Training and Nutrition Principals

Training & Exercise Methodology


We cater to those that are willing to work hard. We don’t offer any shortcuts, magic shakes or 20-minutes living room workouts. While everything is done in a safe, progressive and systematic manner, we aim to drive your physique, performance and strength to levels you didn’t think you could achieve. Steelhouse GFS is truly unlike any other program on the market; keep reading and we will prove it.

Real Workouts, No Shortcuts

Utilizing the basic movements and principals found in powerlifting, bodybuilding and athletic conditioning, Steelhouse Guided Fitness Systems is supported by time- tested, no-nonsense truth. Magazines, infomercials and the fitness industry’s need to constantly present “new” information and results have taken the vast majority of the population far off the true path. Steelhouse members have been brought back to reality and their progress proves it.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s a shortcut, it’s a waste of time and/or money. We won’t promise you results in 20 minutes a day, 3 days per week. We also won’t tell you that you can do it in your living room with a few light dumbbells. Why? Because we would ultimately be lying to you. Sure, you can make small amounts of progress with limited tools and minimum time; but we aren’t trying to make small progress. If you are going from a completely inactive and unhealthy lifestyle, any small change to your eating and activity habits will yield some initial changes; but they will be short lived and plateau quickly. As will your motivation.

So get ready to sweat, strain, scream and put some weight on the bar; its time to get it done Steelhouse style.

One Size Fits All? Not a Chance!

Theer is a recent and rapidly expanding emergence of “cross-functional” facilities and programs across the United States. Most of these programs defend the 1-workout-for-all model by claiming the workouts are scalable. That is great in theory, but fails miserably in practice. How can two different individuals with different goals and different levels of fitness participate in the same program? Simply by changing the weights used? We think not. Don’t fall for the hype.

Your training program and nutrition plan should fit your specific goal and level of fitness. The workouts and nutrition for a beginner looking to lose 40 pounds of fat do not look anything like the workout and nutrition for an experienced-lifter looking to gain 10 pounds of lean mass and increase his deadlift. Don’t waste your energy and effort on the wrong program; choose the Steelhouse program that is actually designed for your specific goal.

Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is a slow and consistent increase in the work you demand from your body. Without this increase, you are not giving your body a reason to adapt, change and progress; so it is absolutely essential. Progressive Overload can come from increasing the weight used, increasing the number of reps with the same weight, increasing the total number of sets, decreasing the amount of rest or numerous other techniques. All of our programs encourage some means of implementing progressive overload to ensure that you, your physique and your performance continue to improve over time. Whether you use the mobile training log that we provide to you or just a simple notebook, recording the details of your training is essential for every exercise program and goal. Knowing the details of your training and exercise history makes it easy to continuously improve and see real results.

Real Structure & Periodization

We don’t buy into the idea that throwing some random exercises at you each day is an ideal means of attaining your personal fitness goal. All programs developed by Steelhouse Guided Fitness Systems are structured, calculated and designed with prior and upcoming training in mind. As athletes and competitors, we believe the most effective way to train is by developing a plan and structured schedule to attain a defined goal. Additionally, progressive overload is impossible to apply effectively without structure.

Most of our fitness programs utilize some form of periodization. Essentially, periodization means that your program will focus on developing a specific aspect of your fitness or performance at a given point in time. For example, while our Powerbuilder program is continuously designed around strength and power training, we focus on individual aspects of strength and power (maximal strength, explosive strength, GPP, etc…) at different times. There are a number of great studies that have demonstrated the benefits of periodization, including: Fleck, S. J. (1999). Periodized strength training: A critical review. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 13, 82-89.

Diet & Nutrition Principals

Balanced Nutrition, No Extremes

At the heart of our nutrition philosophy lies the belief that your diet & nutrition must remain balanced and avoid any extreme deprivation or elimination of macronutrients. Too many diet programs promise fast results by drastically reducing or eliminating carbohydrates, fats or overall calories. While some of these methods may produce short-term results, they are unsustainable, often result in rebound weight gains and can lead to other health problems. While many of you are accustomed to looking at the macronutrient content (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) of your foods, the micronutrients (things like iron, chromium, zinc, etc…) are typically overlooked. Unfortunately, these micronutrients are responsible for many of our bodies essential functions and efficiency and lack of said nutrients can lead to tremendous problems. By providing well-balanced and varied nutrition, we can help to ensure that you are consuming healthy levels of both macro and micronutrients. Oh yeah, every nutrition plan we offer is developed by a Registered Dietitian.

Goal Specific Nutrition

Far too often individuals get their training program from one source and their diet from another. Steelhouse provides different diet and nutrition plans for each of our exercise programs, to ensure that your nutrition compliments your training and your goal. Different types of training place very different types of stress and demand on your body, intentionally. In turn, it is essential that your nutrition is adjusted to not only accommodate the training, but compliment your desired goal. In most cases, simply “eating healthy” is not enough to break away from stalled progress. We will provide you with a diet and nutrition plan that perfectly matches your training and your goal.

Fine Tune & Adjust

Using your desired goal and specifics about you and your body, we have developed an incredible means of providing you with a personalized diet and nutrition plan. However, only time can tell us for certain if your plan is perfect. Your can easily adjust your nutrition with the click of a mouse to accommodate the rate at which you would like to lose or gain weight. Now as your body begins to change and you are making progress, we want to avoid the dreaded long-term plateau. As you update your weight, measurements and goal on your profile, your diet will automatically adjust to the new you; helping to ensure that your progress is continuous and your motivation remains high.

No Magic Shakes or Pills

Don’t worry, we aren’t trying to sell you any additional products. A lot of programs out there are simply fronts for getting you to buy a bunch of products you don’t need and then getting your friends and family to buy them too. That is not Steelhouse; we are simply here to provide you with the truth about training and nutrition. Yes, we will provide you with nutritional supplement and vitamin recommendations, but we do not represent any specific brand, nor do we get paid to promote any individual brand or company. So rest assured our advice comes from research, not from advertising or profit margins.

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